If you want them to listen, you need to learn to


The 3 C's of Powerful and Effective Communication Course

What began as a hilarious moment with my 74 year old father trying to listen to rain sounds on "Anna, Angela, Allegra...Kim, why won't answer me?" "because her name is Alexa!" – turned into me, tapping into my passion and experience as a master communicator, teaching this webinar.  I saw the need to help people take communication to a whole new level. 

Are you having problems with your kids not listening? Are they tuning you out when you try to have a conversation with them?

Do you find yourself trying to share your thoughts with your spouse, but they don't seem to come out clearly? Or are often tuned out or dismissed?

Does it seem like your ideas or suggestions are not being valued or even heard by your coworkers or boss?

I work with individuals and families that say "yes" to these on a daily basis.  It is my mission to help people be heard!

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then THIS is the program that will help you speak how they hear! 

It is time for a communication upgrade so you can easily articulate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a way that people hear you and respond accordingly. 

3 C's of Powerful & Effective Communication Course

"Ms. Kim is a natural and effervescent educator.  Through her story telling, contagious laugh, and examples, you'll easily and quickly integrate her teachings into your daily life.  I would even recommend watching her course twice as there is a treasure trove of good ideas and information within that are easily missed on a first review. As she alludes in her discussions, no one gives you a guidebook on how to be a great parent, but her discussions are the closest you'll find." M. Myers 

Participants in this course will

Learn How To:

Increase Their Professional Value:

Make a Greater Impact:

use 3 easy to implement steps to clarify what you are saying and identify how they other person hears best.

Make a Greater Impact:

Increase Their Professional Value:

Make a Greater Impact:

in the lives of their children, in their marriage, and at work.  Learning how to help connect with those in their lives.

Increase Their Professional Value:

Increase Their Professional Value:

Increase Their Professional Value:

bringing stress free communication and clarity to your business and coworkers, boosting self confidence and awareness.

program reviews


Kim has an extraordinary gift of teaching.  She is inviting, wise, knowledgeable, funny, and has a gift of making people want to open up their lives to her. She is an amazing and phenomenal teacher. Kim naturally knows how to build points in a way that is easy to follow, but enlightening. I realized, as I was watching this course, that I could sit and watch her teach all day!

-Ericka James

CEO, Keynote Speaker, Master Trainer, and Business Strategist

Author of Accelerate Your Vision

Founder and Co-President, The Alliance 


I watched this to help me with my relationship with my girlfriend, but ended up using a lot of it at work as well!  The last video was the most powerful to me.  I was taking notes, rewinding, and rewatching to not miss anything. This communication course was GOLD! -Peter R.


I really appreciated how real you were.  The story about the mall was relateable it's embarrassing.  It made me realize I need to look at how I am reacting more with my kids and husband when I'm frustrated. This program is for everyone. Not just parents and couples, but absolutely everyone needs this. Amazing!  Can't wait to do your parenting course! -Sara U.


I don't say this lightly, but working with Kim has been life changing!  I loved this program and have now started private coaching with her. I have restored relationships I thought were fully over.  I don't know how she makes such complicated topics so easy to understand, but she does. Worth EVERY penny! -Sandy E.


People would often take me the wrong way and I didn't know how to fix it. They would say I was coming across harsh & rude.  The first video in this course turned the light bulb above my head on and I started making changes the next day. I already see a difference. -A.T.


My husband and I purchased the program late one evening and planned to only watch the first video before bed.  As soon as it ended, he looked at me and said, "one more?"  We ended up staying up and watching the whole thing, discussing in between each video until well past midnight.  We sat down and started making a plan to work better with our daughter.  So excited to see how this is going to change our family dynamic.  P.S. I didn't expect to laugh so much during a class on better communication.  You were so funny!  -Kathryn and Frank D.

About The Instructor

 Kim LeMaster is the creator and owner of Ms. Kim Talks, a web based series for parenting, organizing, and communication skills.  She has been teaching and mentoring children and parents for more than 20 years.  She is well known for her parent coaching of strict but positive discipline and the necessity of creating open communication both at home and at work.  Before becoming an entrepreneur, Kim worked as a Pre-K and K-5 teacher, nanny and in several areas of church ministry; all while home-schooling both of her children as a single mom. 

Kim's style of teaching has a unique blend of humor and education has drawn people to learn from her both online and in person.  She teaches on a variety of topics from creative discipline to inspiring your sales team.  Her tenacity and versatility has made her a successful instructor, mentor, and entrepreneur. Ms. Kim Talks continues to grow by offering areas of education on personal growth, motivation, training, and business strategies.


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