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Do you go to bed night after night wishing

you were better at parenting? discipline? organizing & routines?

Are you overwhelmed and feeling like you

just can't do anything right?

Check out my online parenting course and get one on one, personalized ideas to help you get your life back on course and have your kids behaving again. #banishchaos #youreincharge

do your kids listen? Spouse listen? coworkers?


no more bedtime battles

Do bedtime with peace and calm after watching this video course with Ms. Kim.  Families all over the WORLD deal with this issue, so you are not alone! 

Keeping Life Simple-Cleaning

This was the first and is still the most popular Ms. Kim Talks video to date. Families love using this simple positive parenting method to help their children (or spouses) get their cleaning done and organizing more efficiently! Click on the Downloads and Printables tab at the top to see a colorful poster you can put on your child's wall to remind them of these 4 steps!

newest project by ms. kim talks

The Blessing Her Project

This project originated with seeing a documentary on the monthly hygiene needs of female homeless women.  I was so moved by the struggles they endure affording supplies and the sicknesses associated with poor female hygiene.  God put on my heart that this was a project for me to begin and that He would expand it in 2020. Click below for more information.

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Ms. Kim Talks Parenting

My experience as a single parent of two incredible, respectful grown children has allowed me the opportunity to practice what I preach.  I believe that parenting, although very hard at times, should be an awesome accomplishment for you to celebrate.  I teach communication skills, creative discipline techniques, and help you make the best decisions possible for your family.  Check out my videos below in the Parenting tab.


Ms. Kim Talks Organizing

Organizing is a word that brings joy to some and dread to others.  I am very much a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of person, but it doesn't mean I don't love having things in their "place."  Over the years I have accumulated several tips and tricks to helping our household and those that I have worked with, to run more efficiently.  It genuinely surprises people when they see how a "system" can bring such a sense to peace to the chaos in their life.  It makes parenting that much easier! See my videos below in the Organizing tab.


Ms. Kim Talks Teaching

I have homeschooled my kids since they started Kindergarten.  I had one child that was very advanced and would fly through the worksheets and then get bored.  My other child has dyslexia, which has required an entirely different style of teaching.  I began to use creative ideas to bring their two styles of learning to life and not just on paper.  Many families I have tutored are frustrated with the constant "teaching to the test" environment in schools today.  I love showing them easy, out of the box ways to help their children with their homework and build skills based on how they learn.  Check out the fun teaching methods in our Teaching tab below.

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